Based in East London, the English band N-A-I-V-E-S comprise of Marc Jacc (vocals/multi-insrumentalist), LA.po (bassist) and Marius (drummer) and have already gained an impressive live reputation with support slots for the likes of Friendly Fires, Reptile Youth, Mystery Jets and Slow Magic. Furthermore, the band released track “No Way” last year, which garnered them extensive radio airplay from the likes of BBC London, Amazing Radio and Radio Reprezent.

The band’s sound mixes hook laden synths with big tropical beats drums, perfectly showcased in No Way . Follow up single “Fashion Pineapple”, pushes their sound boundaries even further. The song is an uplifting electro pop affair which showcases the band’s ability for a great hook and instant appeal with intricate production.

N-A-V-E-S “Crystal Clear” reached 165k views on VEVO channel.

Rolling Stone (IT) – Album Premiere “Amazing debut Album”  here
Clash (UK) – Track Of The Day “Deliciously Melodic” here
Modzik (FR) – Album Premiere “Effective Pop” here
DJ MAG (IT) – “Fresh mix of synth and tropical beatshere
MTV (IT) – here
Rumore Mag (IT) – “Eccentric” 8/10 here
Indie Music (FR) – “Simple and Striking” here
Sound Of Brit (FR) – “The ray of sunshine you need!” here
Impose (NY) – “Favorite single of the yearhere
Le Bazar Des Tendances (FR) – “The same vein as Metronomyhere
MaXoe (FR) – “We love it!here
IndiepopRock (FR) – “A great promise for electronic pop lovershere
L’indipendente (IT) – “Impossible not to dancehere
Hot Vox (UK) – “Hard to ignore themhere
Music Coast To Coast (IT) – “Internatonal big stages bandhere
Rock and More (IT) – “Pure entertainment and positive energy” here 


N-A-V-E-S “W.I.G.O” reached 150k views on VEVO channel.

A multi-coloured audio explosion of electronica and catchy melodies, perfect summer synth pop” (Subba Cultcha – New Artist of the Day, link here)

completely idiosyncratic- both in terms of its’ aesthetics and its’ sound”
(7 Bit Arcade – Track of the Day)

a playful mix of bouncy electronic and upbeat funk influences that’s eclectic enough to keep it’s IQ well above the average” (London The Inside, link here)


N-A-V-E-S “Fashion Pineapple” Out Now on VEVO Indie Playlist.

“The song itself is a surefire hit that would work just as well blasting out your car radio in the sweltering mid-year heat as it would over the bleached sands and azure blue seas of a beach-side festival.”
(Complex UK, premiere, link here)

“.. a formidable mix of new wave, synth-pop and tropical beats. The perfect soundtrack to your summer..”
(Musisphere.com link here)

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N-A-V-E-S “No Way”

“The record opens up with a melody that could be heard on the likes of an M.I.A record. It’s almost set to be positioned amongst an array of successful indie anthems that we have over the years came to love. The record is extremely well produced leaving no room, for dull silence”. (When The Gramophone Rings, link here)

“it’s so goddamn freakishly good amongst all the stuff I have caught”. (Click and listen it, link here)

“smooth and slinky” (Record Rewind Play, link here)

“the third of the trilogy in advance of their debut EP due in 2016. Star rating: ***.5/5” (Little Indie Blogs, link here)


N-A-V-E-S “Horizon”

“absolute golden ticket taking us for caliente tropical odyssey and full-tilt boogie parties on deck. Such kaleidoscopic tune for a come back.” (Click And Listen It, link here)

“highly infectious number that emphasises Naives tribal and tropical sounds, “Horizon” is like ice cold lemonade on a hot summer’s day!” (LoveIsPop – song of the day, link here)

“Horizon has a certain class and it is certainly a summer tune”. (ListenWithMonger, link here)


N-A-V-E-S “Jugular Vein”

“retro-futuristic approach to splicing 80’s pop and synths with tropical flavours and huge choruses that we can only imagine will be igniting a festival field near you soon.” (Glass Werk, link here)

“an exclusive indie masterpiece with a glimmer of hope for the future of indie anthems” (Noise Cannon, link here)

“Work of fantastic merit, the hell you say!” (Click and Listen It, link here)

Please visit Naives website www.n-a-i-v-e-s.com