Music for Sync

In 2010 LApo won an Award at MTV Awards Madrid for his music production for the advertising campaign for the New Suzuki Swift.

He works as a Music Producer for many different companies, such as: EMI Production Music, IMGR, Emergency Production Music, Soho Music, Cord, Sizzer, Adelphoi, Overcoast, Marmoset, Soundscape to name a few.

Thanks to his 15 years of experience as a professional musician, he has an extensive understanding of music genres and is a multi-instrumentalist.

His strong passion for audio, coupled with an SAE Engineering Bachelor Degree has given him a solid technical foundation from which to create.

He likes producing to brief as well as the challenges offered by bespoke productions, covers or soundalike.

He can achieve a really quick professional result and is capable to deliver a draft within hours of work.

N-A-I-V-E-S  –  Indie Pop / Synth Pop / Tropical (band) link here

Poolside Dance / Nu Disco Pop (EMI Production Music) link here

Nu Funk (EMP Production Music) link here

Bluesy Rock ‘n’ Roll (Music X Film Production Music) link here

Disco / Dance / House / Deep House (Ghost Producer / Music Production)

Electro / Electro Phunk (Band)

Modern Country (IMGR Music Beds) link here

Indie Rock / Pop / Rock 80s (IMGR Music Beds) link here

Hot Ac / Indie Pop / Electro Pop / Dance / Edm (Reel World Music Beds) link here

Cinematic / Sound Design / Downtempo (TV Series Music Beds) 


Avon “Alpha” (2016)

German Vogue – Swarovski Elements & VOGUEScreen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.29.28

MQT Denim Fashion Video

Vic Matié – Runway Show FW 2012/13 

VIC MATIE’ SS 2012 Fashion Video

New Swift Suzuki – MTV Award Madrid

“Carry On” winner of the “New Swift Fantastic Sound” competition. “Carry On” was the best music production made for advertising the new Suzuki Swift. Suzuki Italy S.P.A. awarded the track at Mtv Europe Music Awards 2010, Madrid.