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LApo has been awarded at MTV Awards Madrid for his music production for the New Suzuki Swift advertising campaign. His music has also been awarded by Domino records as best remixer of one of their artists: Lightspeed Champion.

Lapo participated and won numerous competitions as emerging indie pop band such as MTV A CUT and his work with N-A-I-V-E-S is currently supported by BBC, Clash Magazine and Rolling Stone to name a few.

He works as ghost producer and produces music for different companies, such as: EMI Production Music, BMG Production Music, IMGR, Emergency Production Music, Music director, Soho Music, Cord, Sizzer, Adelphoi, Overcoast, Marmoset, Soundscape, String and Tins, to name a few.

He is able to produce bespoke composition, covers and soundalike, he can achieve a really quick professional result and deliver a draft within hours of work.

Please check his last published material here below:

N-A-I-V-E-S – Indie Pop / Tropical (band) link here

Poolside Dance / Nu Disco Pop (EMI Production Music) link here

Surf Pop / Rock (EMI Production Music) link here

Bluesy Rock ‘n’ Roll (Music X Film Production Music) link here

Modern Country (IMGR Music Beds) link here


Advertise This (BMG PM) here

Tesla Model 3  link here

Avon “Alpha”

JanSport 2017

Bloomom TV Commercial 2018

Vogue – Swarovski Elements & VOGUE
Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.29.28

MQT Denim Fashion Video

Vic Matié – Runway Show FW

VIC MATIE’ SS Fashion Video

FADE A fashion Video

New Swift Suzuki – MTV Award Madrid

“Carry On” winner of the “New Swift Fantastic Sound” competition. “Carry On” was the best music production made for advertising the new Suzuki Swift. Suzuki Italy S.P.A. awarded the track at Mtv Europe Music Awards, Madrid.